3 Kitchen Tools You Should Clean Immediately After Use

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After you have cooked a massive dinner at your Stephenville home, cleaning up the kitchen is about the last thing you want to do. If you’re not the type of cook who cleans as the go along, you can end up with a half-day project depending on the scope of your menu. But there are a few tools in the kitchen that you should make time for no matter how tired you are. Because if you leave them alone in your kitchen, you will have an even bigger chore on your hands than you bargained for! Here’s a quick look.

Strainers: How many times have you made a large pot of pasta, dumped it through the strainer, and just assumed that it must be clean? How could it not be? You just dumped steaming hot water through it. Right? Wrong. Whether you’re using a wire mesh strainer or a plastic one, the starch from your pasta is mucking up your sieve. And then there is the hardened on pasta in the little holes when you neglect it. Buckle down and wash your strainer straight away and you’ll be sitting pretty!

Chef’s Knife: When you’re done using your chef’s knife, give it a quick rinse and scrub right away. The last thing you need to be doing with a sharp knife is scrubbing dried on food viciously.

Microplane: Like their larger cousin the cheese grater, microplanes have a way of grabbing onto food and never letting go, especially if you don’t clean them right away. Here’s a great tip though for cheese graters, garlic presses, wire whisks, or anything else where food can nestle into hard-to-reach places: keep an old used toothbrush near the sink and use it to scrub these tools. You can replace it every six months when you visit the dentist for your check-up.

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