Huckabay, Texas

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Huckabay is a very small community in Central Texas just ten miles away from the city of Stephenville in Erath County. Huckabay real estate is right where State Highway 108 and Farm Road 219 meet.


Huckabay was founded in the late 17th century. According to Gerldine Griswold, the community began with John A. Huckabay, Ben Fincher, John and W. C. Copeland, Abe Metsgar, John W. Jones and some other settlers that moved to Huckabay from Arkansas and Tennessee. They settled down at the head of the Bosque River. This area was originally known as the “Flatwoods,” but it changed to Huckabay when John Huckabay established a post office for the community. Each family claimed 160 acres of land. Wells were dug up, the first Huckabay homes were built, and churches, schools and other buildings followed. Before too long, Huckabay had a solid foundation for a small community. The first and second buildings to be built were the smoke house and the storm cellar. The smoke house was used for curing fresh meat while the storm cellar was used to store fresh fruits and vegetables and provide protection for the families in case of emergency.


The community began to expand in the late 1870s, and then a gin was purchased by Bill Rigsby in 1879. The town was supported by cotton until the production of peanuts took over temporarily. Following that, the dairy industry took over and still holds importance to the community today. The first store built was by G. W. Glenn in 1878. Growth was influenced by general merchants, drug stores, grocery stores, blacksmith shops and a well-equipped gin. However, the town eventually shrunk down to a school, a couple of churches and some gorgeous antique Huckabay homes.


Huckabay experiences a humid subtropical climate which brings in hot summers and mild to moderate winters. The best part about Texas is the four seasons you’re guaranteed to get. Summer is hot as a tamale, as it should be. Fall is nice and cool. There are some pretty warm days, but not as hot as the summer. The cool breezes make all the difference, and the trees start changing colors right away. Once the leaves have fallen, temperatures drop but not uncomfortably low. Winter temperatures rarely reach freezing and almost never go below that. Snow is not uncommon for the area, though. You’ll be able to throw snowballs and build snowmen. The snow melts quickly, so catch it while you can! Spring rolls around with song birds and blooming flowers, just as you’d imagine it would. Green grass and full trees bring color to the community to start off another beautiful year in Huckabay.


Students in Huckabay are served by Huckabay Independent School District whose high school earned the bronze medal in the 2016 Best High School’s national performance rankings by U.S. News and World Report. Huckabay High School’s graduation rate is a jaw-dropping 100-percent, so you can rest assured knowing your children will thrive in school and have ample opportunity to continue onto college. Tarleton State University is right down the road in Stephenville and one of the fastest growing universities in the state. It is also part of the Texas A&M University System.

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