12 Must-Have’s for Your Stephenville Kitchen

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Your Stephenville home is no doubt filled with all sorts of gadgets, appliances, and other conveniences designed to make your life easier when it comes to preparing meals. But have you ever taken inventory of the things you don’t use all that often? If you look around, chances are you’ll find all sorts of stuff that you rarely use, including architectural features. So, what are the must-have’s that your Stephenville kitchen needs to be a well-oiled machine? Let’s take a look at 12 performance-enhancing ideas for one of the most used rooms in your home!

1. Retractable Sprayer on Your Kitchen Sink– this will help you make quick work of dirty dishes

2. Sink-top Dish Soap Dispenser– in conjunction with the sprayer, dirty dishes will be squeaky clean in no time! Plus, you won’t have the soap bottle lurking around on your kitchen counter.

3. Kitchen Drawers– instead of cabinets, think about installing drawers throughout your kitchen. They offer an easy-access solution, and the perfect place is below your cook-top. Pots and pans, spices, and lids will feel right at home, and they will all be within reach when you’re creating a meal.

4. Hinged Door/Lazy Susan– If you want to lose something in your kitchen, stuff it in a corner cabinet. But if you want to make good use of this space, install a pull-out, hinged door with a lazy susan

5. Breakfast bar– Look for a butcher block that you can add stools around, and you’ll have a breakfast bar in a jiffy! They’re great for eating during weekdays, and friends and family will have a place to hangout while you’re busy in the kitchen.

6. Drawers in the Toe-Kick Area– The toe-kick area around the bottom of your kitchen is dead space, but if you install cabinets here, you’ll have made wasted space useful one again.

7. Pullout Recycle Bin– Install it next to your sink, and you will have a convenient place to put your recyclable items.

8. Sink Window– If you can get a window sill in here, you’ll have another place to store items you use frequently. They also add to the aesthetic of your kitchen

9. Layered Lighting– Think overhead and under-counter task lighting.

10. Islands– Whether your kitchen is large or small, an island will give you functionality you never even knew you were missing. If you have a small kitchen, look for an island on wheels so you can reposition it as needed.

11. Small Desk– This is a great place to store your laptop or cookbooks for quick reference.

12. Easy Access to Outdoor Eating– Instead of trekking across your house, make sure you can easily get from the kitchen to your outdoor eating area.

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