Stephenville Cheerleaders Raising Funds for Local Cancer Patient

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Stephenville cheerleading squad supporting a good cause

Helping others and raising awareness for a good cause is the center piece of any fruitful community, and is exactly what makes Stephenville and Erath County one of the best around.

According to a recent piece for the Stephenville Empire Tribune, the junior varsity cheerleaders at Stephenville are starting a benefit to help a local cancer patient.

Tricia Jeffcoat of Erath County was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this summer and has already undergone a double mastectomy and is presently being treated with chemotherapy, according to the news source.

“This whole thing is amazing and an overwhelming feeling,” Jeffcoat told the news source. “The love and support from the public is huge, and I’ve always looked for opportunities to help other people because it was a blessing – and the return blessings have been outstanding.”

Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness in October, the cheerleaders will be selling pink t-shirts with the ribbon signifying breast cancer awareness on the front with the word “Unite” printed on it as well, the news source stated.

Breast cancer is something that many people are affected by, whether it is a personal issue or something that a family member, friend or loved one is going through. Rylee Kilgore, JV cheerleader at Stephenville, told the news source that she recalls when her own mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and how much appreciation she and her family had for those who helping out.

Now she is hoping to pass on that good will to Jeffcoat, as is the rest of the Stephenville JV cheerleading squad. This exemplifies just why Stephenville is a quality environment and a place where individuals who live there are happy to call home.

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