10 Ways to Squeeze More Time Out of Your Day

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Let’s face it: life is busy, and if you get too wrapped up in certain things, an entire day can pass you by and leave you wondering, “Where did the time go?” If you could use an extra few hours during the day to squeeze in a workout or finish your errands, consider these 10 ideas that will help you squeeze more time out of the daylight hours!

  1. Consolidate Errands: Create a list of your errands to save you time, and group together things that are close to home and those that are close to work.
  2. Commuter?: If you can, using your commute to multi-task is a great idea. If you ride public transportation, use the time to plan out your day, make a phone call, or listen to a book.
  3. Delegate Tasks: Is there anything on your plate that you can delegate out to someone else? It may seem easier to just do it yourself, but if asking for help will lighten your load, do it.
  4. Pay Attention to Social Media Time: Again, you may not even realize how much time you’re wasting on social media. See if you can unplug yourself for a few days.
  5. Plan your Week in Advance: If you end up with 500 events on your calendar each week, chances are you are to blame. It’s perfectly okay to say no, so if you aren’t RSVP with an enthusiastic “yes!” then make it a polite “No thank you!”
  6. Keep a Time Diary: If you truly have no clue where the time goes, write it down. You may be spending way too much time each day on Facebook, Twitter, or reading and responding to emails.
  7. Answer Emails at Designated Time Each Day: If you’re checking your email every 15 minutes, you’re wasting a lot of time. Try doing it four times per day and see how much more you get done.
  8. Give Your TV Time a Hair Cut: Plain and simple: cut down on the amount of time you spend in front of the TV.
  9. Get the Kids Onboard with Chores: Once they hit about age four or five, there are tons of chores they can help you with. See idea #3.
  10. Wake-Up Earlier: If you can set your alarm to an earlier time, think of all the things you could get done before everyone in the house is up?

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